The Magnetic Body of Light

The Magnetic Body of Light

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DID YOU KNOW....  That your are an incarnation of Light? YES LIGHT!

DID YOU KNOW.... That the very "Cells" in your Body Emit Light Frequency known as "Bio-Photons?"

DID YOU KNOW.... That your "Thoughts" have a major effect on your "Magnetic Body of Light?"

Well.. now you can learn the answers to these questions and much, much, more! 
You will also learn... 
The "Sacred Power of Water"
How to "Super Charge" your "Electromagnetic Body of Light".
About the Electromagnetic Field surrounding every Human Being known as your "AURA".
 About "Super Foods" that increase Electromagnetic Energy to your "Body of Light!"
Packed with:
*Pure facts
*Practical Exercises
*Visualization Techniques
*Super Foods (Raw Foods) to ignite your Magnetic Body!