Why The Pyramid

Question: Why the Pyramid?

Answer: When we go back and research Ancient Cultures on this Planet, Ancient Egypt by far was the most advanced culture on Earth. To this very day the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt have not been duplicated and has baffled the World at large. We here at Nun Technologies have come to realize through research and trial and error the importance of “Pyramid Science” and “Pyramid Power”, which we have produced a Phenomenal Compact Pyramid Power Device™.

What have also come to realize is that actual Energy is being emitted from the tips of each Pyramid we construct here at Nun Technologies. This energy that is being emitted known as “Nun” (pronounced NOON), creates what is called by the Science World a Standard Columnar Wave or SCW. This Double Helix Energy that is being created and emitted from our Pyramids is generated by the sides of our Nun Pyramids bending Light and Creating a Vortex! Yes a Swirling Vortex! This Energy is the same Energy that runs the Universe (Multiverse). The Ancient Egyptian Symbol for this process was known as NEH-EH meaning “Eternity”. 

Ancient Egyptian Neh-Eh Symbol for “Eternity”

In Ancient Egypt Pyramids were known to help advance Humans into Higher States of Consciousness. What People must begin to realize in this day and time, is that around every Human Being there is a subtle Atmosphere of Energy known as an “Aura” which is an Electromagnetic Field of Energy. This Electromagnetic Energy Field is affected and altered by Human Beings Thoughts, Environment and most importantly Emotions. In this day and time most People have a Negatively charged Atmosphere or “Aura” surrounding their Body, which is leading to all forms stress and disease. In order to restore the Human Body back to Sound Health, we must change our Bodily Atmosphere or “Aura” to a more Positive Charge. Pyramids are a great “tuning device” and tool used to assist Human Beings in achieving Positive Power!

By simply holding one of our Nun Pyramid Devices in your hand or being close to one, Negative Energy is cleared out of your “Aura” resulting in a more Balanced Energy Field or Atmosphere around your Body. Nun Technologies™ Nun Pyramids™ are very powerful tools that can be used to enhance & bring balance to all areas of your life from “Physical” to “Mental” to “Spiritual” to most importantly “Emotional”. Our Nun Pyramids™ can best be described as a transmitter of Universal Cosmic Energy, also known today as Dark Energy, NUN or NOON Energy, Quantum Energy or Zero Point Energy! 

This is “WHY THE PYRAMID” is needed more than ever in this Great Day and Time!


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