How To Break the Spell of Negativity

How To Break the Spell of Negativity

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Do you ever wonder why some People are just so Negativeand depressing to be around? Do you have Bad Habits that you want to break? Are you healing from a Bad Relationship, or trying to lose Weight? Or even seeking to Gain more self confidence etc… well this book is for you! In this Book I give you the tools for Cleaning out all that Old Baggage and Filth that is deeply rooted in your Subconscious Minds, that is holding you back from your Ultimate Success, Wealth, and Happiness! Don’t be left behind and learn to “BECOME” THE Change you Desire! Learn to “CLEANSE” your Subconscious Mind today! I introduce you to the most effective Mind Cleansing Techniques that you can do in the privacy and the Comfort of your own Home! Now is the Time to Heal, and begin a whole new life!


What is the “Subconscious Mind?”

How to Break the Spell of Negativity and Clean out the Subconscious Mind?

What are Pressure Points from the Past?

What are Negative Energy Patterns?

What is Negative Incorrect Information?

What is the Law of Association?  

What is a Pendulum? 

What are Negative Grooves in the Subconscious Mind?

How to rid yourself from Negative Grooves and begin to heal!

You will also Learn how to Release all the Pain, Worry, Stress and Anxiety.

How to use the Pendulum to speak to the Subconscious Mind for Healing and to locate Pain in the Body! Also Three Most Powerful Subconscious Cleaning Exercises we as Nunologist use today.

1.Pressure Points from the Past, 2. Touch and Let Go, and 3. The Color Release Exercise.

Now you Have the "POWER" to finally Break the Spell and begin to renew your life!