Sirian Gold / Silver (Combo Pack) - Colloidal Gold / Ionic Silver
Sirian Gold / Silver (Combo Pack) - Colloidal Gold / Ionic Silver
Sirian Gold / Silver (Combo Pack) - Colloidal Gold / Ionic Silver

Sirian Gold / Silver (Combo Pack) - Colloidal Gold / Ionic Silver

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*Please note: If you are allgeric to Gold or Silver, this product is not for you! 

On Sale Now! Very Powerful Colloidal Gold & Silver Combo Pack!!

 Info about Gold:

Ingesting Gold has been old as Ancient Egypt!! Our Ancient Egyptian Ancestors called it the Maf-Khu-Zhat “Liquid Gold”... yes they actually ingested real Gold(Au). GOLD is feminine( Fem9) in Nature meaning it helps to open you up to the Subtle Energies of the Spirit World and Nature. 

GOLD also Fuels your “LIGHT BODY” Known in Ancient Egypt as the inter dimensional Traveler... GOLD was always known to be used to ASTRAL TRAVEL. 

Did you know that in our Brains we have Neurons, and these Neurons fire off or give an Electrical charge. These Electrical charges are then received by what is known as "Dendrites". It is our Dendrites which allow information to travel. By consuming or ingesting Sirian Gold tiny Nano sized Gold Particles, pass through your "Blood Brain Barrier" allowing for more electrical information to travel faster and more efficiently. 

GOLD’s BENEFIT to the Physical Body: 

- immune booster*

- superb anti-aging properties* 

- strengthens the Heart*

- strengthens the Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland, and Thymus Gland*

- promotes Cell Regeneration* 

- Activates the Endocrine Glandular System* 



 Info about Silver: 

Introducing Sirian Silver, an Ancient practice brought to the Modern World. For thousands of years silver has been used for its sterilization  and antibacterial properties. Silver is known to *kill germs, bacteria and viruses without destroying friendly bacteria in the digestive tract. Also known to Kill Air born bacteria. 

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We here at Nun Technologies recommend our Ionic Colloidal Silver for it's *antiviral, antibacteria  properties. 

What is Sirian Silver? It's NanoParticle Silver suspended in a triple distilled water. 


*Full Disclosure

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