Our Orgonite® Pendants are the only authentic Orgonite® pendants for sale anywhere. Our pendants are made by the original inventor of Orgonite® - Mr. Karl Hans Welz - using a special recipe and process that has been perfected since Karl made the first piece of Orgonite® in 1992. The result is powerful and effective Orgonite® pendants that look great while helping energize your auric field against negative energy and frequencies in the surrounding environment.

Like our Orgonite® Pyramids, our pendants attract and store Orgone energy (also called chi, prana, etc.). In essence, each pendant functions like a magnet and battery for universal life energy -- they attract, store, and pass energy on to the person carrying the pendant and the surrounding environment.

We believe our pendants work best when linked with one of our Orgone Generators. While our pendants attract and store life energy, we believe our Orgone Generators actually produce a continuous flow of positive life force. By creating an energetic link between a pendant and an Orgone Generator, the person carrying or wearing the pendant will receive a continuous flow of positive Orgone energy from the linked Orgone Generator. This is much more effective at energizing your aura and raising your vibration than wearing or carrying a pendant that is not connected to an Orgone Generator.

Each of our Orgonite® pendants is handcrafted using fine iron powder, high quality carbon-based epoxy, and quartz crystal. We use iron because we believe it resonates with the iron in the human body and blood. And, we mix in quartz crystal because of quartz’s association with amplifying positive energy. All of our pendants are a dark gray and sleek.

You can carry a pendant in your pocket or bag or wear one as an Orgonite® necklace. Our pendants are also great to give to family members and loved ones for energetic protection and to stay connected.

We Are Authorized Distributors For Karl Welz Products.