The Original Orgone Generators handmade by Karl Welz.

Our Orgone Generators produce a continuous flow of "POSITIVE LIFE FORCE ENERGY" to fully charge your Materializations and Manifestations!

If you have used one of our Orgone Generators, then you already know how it feels to be filled with and surrounded by pulsing life energy and the amazing things you can do with it.

If you are just seeing our Orgone energy devices for the first time, you will discover how they produce massive amounts of concentrated life energy and how you can consciously direct that energy to manifest your biggest goals and dreams more quickly and easily than ever before.

Thousands of people have already used our Orgone energy generators to strengthen their own energetic fields and create lasting, positive changes in their lives, even after feeling “stuck” for years.

We have the most advanced, powerful Orgone Generators for sale anywhere. All of our Orgone machines are designed and made by Karl Hans Welz -- the original inventor of Orgonite® and the Orgone Generator®.

We Are Authorized Distributors For Karl Welz Products.